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R & R Fitness – Training with Heart

Client R & R Fitness


This brand needed to come from the heart. Rangi & Raewyn, local fitness enthusiasts run training sessions from their home to help the health of those in the local Raglan community, whilst also holding down day time jobs. Struggling to manage session bookings through their facebook page, my job was to source a suitable booking management system for their classes and integrate this in to a simple client online portal.


The solution came in an off the shelf product from Power Diary. Along with this I developed a look and feel for their client portal, which introduced their clients to the booking system. Time was also taken to educate Rangi & Raewyn, in how to the use the system from both the front and back-end.


A simple and easy to use system for both Rangi & Raewyn and the clients to use. With a functional back end system in place and a striking brand, supporting online social media presence, everyone has definitely ‘GOT THIS’.

We are not computer programmers.  Shari has been very helpful in taking us through the system step by step (several times over in fact) to ensure we are conversant with the system and as a result we are now able to deliver to our class participants a very user-friendly, comprehensive booking system.  In addition, she also designed a set of  beautiful and appealing logos for us which we love.

The booking system Shari has sourced for us has meant that we no longer have to spend countless hours on the computer communicating with the participants on Facebook to ensure they were able to book in.  All I can say is, “Thank God for Shari”.

We shall be forever indebted to her not only for the great service she has provided but also for her kindness, patience, and readiness to guide and support us through this project at all times.  

Rangi Stevenson, R & R Fitness.